Apartment search for beginners: basic tips for finding an apartment for rent

I had a friend who asked me to help her find an apartment. She said she would move out of her parents’ basement and go alone, but first of all, she needed a place to stay; she needed an apartment. We both knew how difficult it was to find an apartment in such a short time. But she was a good friend of mine and I needed to help her.
Mind you, this happened over 10 years ago, when the internet was nothing more than a top secret project that only a handful of people could access. There was no Yahoo !, Google and Craigslist. People weren’t accessing the internet to search for apartments. We had to do it the hard way.
These days, looking for an apartment is as easy as pie, thanks to the internet. Here are some suggestions:

1. Search for apartments for rent on the internet
These days, the internet is the place to go when looking for an apartment. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection and about an hour; you should be able to collect at least a dozen possible apartments in the desired area.

There are several places you can try to search for an apartment on the Internet. There is Craigslist, which is the most popular online classifieds site. You can also try your luck on Yahoo! or Google. 2. Take a look around the neighborhood
After making a list of your possible apartments, you will need to visit the neighborhoods where the apartments are located. No, this is something you cannot leave in the hands of the Internet.
The purpose of the visit is to check the state of the area. Does this seem like a safe community to live in? If you have children, do you think it is safe to raise them there? Is the apartment close to public transport or is it a long walk every time?
These are the things to keep in mind when visiting the neighborhood.
3. Conduct an inspection apartments in ghana  of the apartment
The apartment inspection is similar to the neighborhood visit. The fact is that they serve the same purpose.
When inspecting an apartment, it is important to take note of the likes and dislikes of each apartment and write them down on a piece of paper as you go.
Talk to the owner of the apartment about policies, rules and regulations, etc. Do you like their attitude? Does he look like a henchman type? Is he really worried about your interest in the apartment? Or do you just want to get over it and collect the rent? Keep these points in mind.