Go to La Manga for El Mar Menor

El Mar Menor has a small strip known as La Manga. You can find it in Costa Calida in Spain, a territory that is very popular among tourists. The small part of the land accepts the name La Manga, which means “arms” because it really looks like one; You can hardly see the “sleeve clothes” on the map or on a satellite image that is different from Spain, but there is something very special about the small portion of land that attracts so many tourists. This may be a small shape, the bay that really distinguishes Mar Menor from the Mediterranean Sea.

Everything about El Mar Menor

El Mar Menor means “small sea” and it must deserve its name. It’s only 21 kilometers long and the widest parts are only 300 meters, making it look more like a lake than like the sea; However, this is a great place for the Spanish holiday destination if you see its beauty. Apart from being very beautiful, El Mar Menor has several specific features that make it so interesting. When I talk about these features โดจิน I refer to the quality of healing. When you feel the water, you will see that it is very salty; Salt, along with black mud, forms a perfectly therapeutic combination. La Manga and Mar Menor have another big advantage: the fact that the area enjoys 315 days the sun every year makes it very interesting for those who practice athletics. Water El Mar Menor is also good for something else: all kinds of water sports. Tourists find in La Manga residents who are very warm and friendly, because La Manga is not just a vacation resort, but also a small town and coins where locals struggle to keep the tradition of staying alive. The Phoenicians were people who turned it into a vacation resort by building a summer house in La Manga.

A resort for those who like cycling

People like to come into contact with nature around it with cycling. Bicycles are everywhere in this resort and even a guided tour is available for those who like to exercise and to admire landscapes. Tourists can also practice tennis, riding horses or golf or they can use children’s clubs to entertain their small children. La manga is a complete resort and deserves to get your little attention.