How to Choose a Korean Translation Company

Choosing a translation company from Korea may be difficult. There are many factors that you need to consider, from professional project managers to the quality of the translations and customer service. Read customer testimonials, reviews and case studies to make sure you’re selecting a reliable company. Here are some tips to choose the best company for your translation needs:


TransPerfect is a large Korean language translation company with more than 5000 linguists. They offer both machine and human Korean translations. They have contracts with many government agencies, but their services are not always regarded favorably by consumers. Here are some of the things to look for when hiring a translation company:

TransPerfect has been in a legal battle with its former owners since July 2016. The company had plans to sell itself, but that was not what investors wanted. The company’s future depended on the Delaware court system. With its legal issues, TransPerfect was unable to expand as rapidly as it had hoped. However, Phil Shawe’s purchase of the company has ensured the continuation of profitable growth and expansion in a global setting. Phil Shawe has pursued strategic mergers in order to increase TransPerfect’s global footprint and better serve its global clients.

Another factor to consider when hiring a translation company is the quality of the translation. If you are looking for high-quality translation services at affordable prices, then Transperfect is an excellent choice. Their standard service includes one round of translation and two rounds of quality assurance. Their turnaround time is also impressive. They are a good choice for website localization and content creation. You can even use their service for audiovisual translations, including YouTube.


You may have heard about Gengo, a crowdsourced korea translation company based in Tokyo, Japan. You may be surprised to learn that it recently closed a $5.4 million Series C round of funding and has a new CEO. Matthew Romaine will succeed Robert Laing as CEO. While Gengo is still a startup, it has already processed more than 300 million translated pieces of content and opened a data portal.

If you are looking for a professional Korean translation service, Gengo is worth considering. Their streamlined project management dashboard is transparent and allows you to control quality. It also offers a full range of translation services, including website localization, software localization, and marketing translation. But what makes Gengo stand out from other Korean translation services is its speed and accuracy. You can be rest assured that Gengo is ready to meet your deadline and budget – they promise to deliver within 24 hours.

LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc.

If you’re looking for a top-notch language company in the Los Angeles area, LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc. can help. The firm offers certified translation and interpretation services in over 200 languages. This company is approved to enroll foreign students and offers a 1-year Certificate Program in Translation and Interpreting. Other services include interpreting and translating for business meetings, courts, foreign governments, and more. Here are some benefits of working with L.A. Translation and Interpretation, Inc.

LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc. specializes in translating court documents and other legal documents. They also provide medical and legal interpretation services. They have over 2,000 translators who are certified bilingual native speakers. They are carefully selected based on their credentials and experience. Among their many clients are government agencies, legal corporations, and business institutions. All translation services are provided in over 200 languages. In addition to certified translation, LA Translation and Interpretation, Inc. also provides other services, such as subtitling movies.


Recently, a young man came to Tomedes seeking a Korean translation service for his website. He was interested in partnering with South Korean manufacturers and planned to visit Seoul to meet with them in person. His focus was on written materials in order to gain access to the Korean market. The young man needed his manual translated into Korean for his website and to share with potential South Korean business partners. Tomedes’ team of professional Korean translators were able to provide him with the exact material he needed to make contacts.

Tomedes specializes in website translation services for clients worldwide. A recent client needed a highly accurate Korean translation for a website in its target market. They also needed to understand the idioms and marketing phrases unique to the area. Because of their vast experience, the team at Tomedes was able to handle the project seamlessly. Professional Korean translations from Tomedes are extremely accurate and highly useful to companies in healthcare, pharmaceutical firms, and other industries.