The Secret to Instantly Cover Bald Spots and Hide Hair Loss

The hair on our head has a growth rate of about one-half inch in a month. It grows between 2 and 6 years. After reaching this period, it will start to fall out known as resting phase and will be replaced by new hair that has started to grow from the identical hair follicle. This hair cycle goes on in our life except for instances where its growth will be disrupted.

Women may experience momentary or permanent hair loss for a number of reasons. The loss of hair can be due to stress, hormonal changes, female pattern baldness, malnutrition and severe illness.

Chemotherapy, a cancer treatment, is one of the culprits of hair loss on both sexes. For women, it can be traumatic since hair is an essential element in their personality. While the medications in the treatment kill cancer cells, it also damages the patient’s hair follicles. Nevertheless, patients get to have their hair back after the treatment. Hair growth after chemotherapy may take time, which can be around 2 weeks to 3 months. Patients must endure the process and learn how to wait. Patients, though, will observe that the new hair is frequently thin and brittle; hence, hair must not be brushed extremely. They should also use a brush with soft bristles.

The growth of hair can also be stimulated by using special kind of shampoos and conditioners. Choose those that have natural or herbal ingredients, as Влакна за коса they are not only good in inducing hair growth but are also good in restoring the health of your scalp. Styling processes such as dyeing or perming must not be done for at least 6 months following hair growth. Since the scalp has been injured during chemotherapy, severe hair styling processes can only add to its injury.

One option that the patient can do is to seek the assistance of a dermatologist to answer this issue. Another alternative, which is a good one, is to use a hair building fiber product. Most of these products are made of keratin and organic proteins with a little mixture of synthetic elements. They are safe because of the ingredients used making it the best option for people who have undergone chemotherapy as well as to those with thinning hair or starting to lose it. Its objective is to create the look of having fuller and thicker locks. Therefore, do not expect that it can enhance the health of your mane or solve hair loss issues. Nevertheless, it is a good option, as it will not hamper the growth of your mane. If you choose an excellent hair fiber product, you will have a natural looking mane on top of your head for a long period without having an itchy scalp.