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In the situation described in Matthew Chapter Twenty, the mother of James and John approached Jesus asking that her sons take a seat beside Him in His Kingdom. This provided opportunity for Jesus to introduce 3 key attitudes in Christian leadership: Suffering, parity and carrier.


The pressures of management are giant. A chief must count on to suffer, often in mystery, as a part of his calling.


Ministers are identical in authority inside the frame characteristics of philosophy of Christ. They relate to each other like knights at a round table instead of ranks in an military. Biblical government consists of ministers operating collectively, with mutual admire as equals. Authoritarian hierarchies don’t have any region in God’s Kingdom. They are worldly in their thought and lead to the very things for which Jesus rebuked the two disciples on this passage.


Leaders have a servant rather than ruler attitude. People are the point of interest in their ministry, now not merely tools for their very own goals.

What were James and John searching for and how did they go approximately it?

They sought popularity and honor via manipulation. They noted not anything of actual paintings to perform, just ranks. They assumed the Kingdom of God could be installation just like some other government, with Jesus as preferrred ruler, followed by using a series of ranks.

We can believe them plotting, “You understand, Jesus may be a little tough on us on occasion. He’s absolutely gentle with ladies, even though. Let’s see if we will get mother to talk to Him. Maybe she can land a terrific function for us.”

This is politicking. Such manipulation typifies the sector’s leadership. Jesus does no longer rebuke them for ambition due to the fact ambition is a good aspect if it’s miles for God’s glory. Instead, He warns against looking for one’s own honor.

Jesus makes it clear He isn’t in rate of promotions inside the employees department. The Father is. They had been asking the incorrect individual.

From this, we see a hint of the primary precept of Christian leadership inside the New Testament: It is a present from God.

Nevertheless, these sons of Zebedee had two laudable characteristics, though seriously misdirected:


This is a superb characteristic if directed in the direction of the consideration of God instead of our personal self esteem.


There exists a self-self belief that is commendable if it’s far in the long run primarily based on believe in God. Unfortunately, it was self assurance in themselves as opposed to in God. “We are in a position.” They considered themselves eminently capable. The garden of Gethsemane taught them otherwise. They deserted Jesus and fled.

This brings up the first key mindset Jesus taught them.

First key attitude: Willing to embrace struggling

You do not know what you’re asking, Jesus said to them. Can you drink the cup I am going to drink? We can, they answered. Matthew 20:22

The name to Christian management is a name to struggling. The suffering worried, mainly within the Western world, usually takes the shape of mental stress and specific stresses other believers neither bear nor apprehend.

People often have excessive expectancies of a leader that he’s not able to meet. Some Christians can be looking more to a pastor than to Christ. When the pastor fails to satisfy their expectancies, they may recall him incompetent.

Some below a pastor’s care may be insubmissive and could yield most effective when forced. Sometimes the chief need to preserve the line on godly principles, risking misunderstanding and complaint.

Occasionally church leaders must apply biblical subject when it is able to be unpopular to do so. When handling such, the leaders often cannot monitor the problem to the congregation. Members with incomplete knowledge of the case may draw incorrect conclusions about the leaders’ decisions. They might also consider the leaders are too harsh or too lax in subject. The leaders may additionally find themselves suffering in silence. Yet, God has wisely arranged it so.

Titles and honors that accompany the office of leader are inadequate to compensate for the pressure. Those who especially fee titles or honors more than service, quickly find themselves upset.

Similarly, in his e-book, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, John Piper attacks the mind-set of professionalism in pastoral ministry that undermines the willingness to include struggling.

We pastors are being killed by way of the professionalizing of the pastoral ministry. The mentality of the professional isn’t always… The mentality of the slave of Christ. Professionalism has nothing to do with the essence and coronary heart of the Christian ministry… For there is no professional childlikeness, Matthew18:three; there’s no expert tenderheartedness, Ephesians four:32; there may be no professional panting after God. Psalm forty two:1.

Second key mindset: Parity

Jesus called them collectively and said, You recognise that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their excessive officials exercising authority over them. 26 Not so with you. Instead, whoever desires to become awesome amongst you ought to be your servant, 27 and whoever desires to be first have to be your slave Matthew 20:25-27

On the venture area, I labored with a newly ordained country wide who occurred to be a scientific medical doctor. He had some rough edges to his personality, independent and opinionated. Over time we became wonderful pals and labored properly together. Let’s name him José.

Eventually, José moved to every other metropolis to work with a group. A missionary from that crew known as me and asked, Roger, I’m having problem getting together with José. I observed you get along satisfactory and work productively together. Can you provide me some clues as to how to take care of him?

This become my solution: Brother, within the first region, stop seeking to handle him. Treat him as a colleague. Call him up occasionally and ask his recommendation. Ask him that will help you. Think of him as your equal because in spite of everything, he has the equal ordination as you. Do this and he’s going to devour out of your hand.